Rides in July and August

We have now started our rides programme for July and August. We're taking advantage of the sunny weather and the longer days to have some longer rides so that we can visit more distant destinations. But we have also kept some shorter rides in the mix for those who prefer a lighter option.

Summer is also the time for the delights of home teas and we have three Sunday events to enjoy this year. We start with a home tea in Foxton. We then have a summer Barbecue lasting all afternoon on 13th August (book here) and on 27th August we have two rides - a longer all-day ride and an afternoon ride - which enjoy a home tea in West Wratting. How can you resist - just remember to pump up your tyres to handle the extra weight as you head home after these treats.

Lastly, and importantly, we still need more of you to volunteer to lead our rides. Leading is not difficult, and we are always happy to help with route planning. Our rides cannot go ahead without a leader, so we would welcome more offers to lead the rides. If you are new to leading, I can recommend the Sunday afternoon rides as a good place to start. Rupert Goodings

Latest ride reports

20 Aug: Sunday afternoon ride to Newmarket
Greg Writes: And it came to pass that on the twentieth day of the eighth month a bike ride occurred. Though not exactly starting with a census it had the required rider registration process to begin with as nine intrepid souls joined Greg for the Sunday afternoon ride from Brookside...  (full report)

20 Aug: Sunday ride to Stradishall and Hawstead
Nigel writes: Today was another warm, dry, late-summer's day: excellent conditions for a gentle bike ride that headed in my favourite direction from Cambridge: east into Suffolk. The number of riders waiting...  (full report)

18 Aug: Cambridge Shipping Lanes 200km Perm Audax
Simon writes:There is a fairly inescapable axiom, which says that it's impossible to do anything for the first time more than once. Whether it be reading a book, running for president or swimming your first mile...  (full report)

17 Aug: Thursday ride to St Neots and Thurleigh
Edward writes: Our ride today was always going to be at the top of the distance we do on Thursdays with a trip out to St Neots and Thurleigh in north Bedfordshire. We had quite a bit of overnight rain and the forecast reckoned it would stop by 9am and then an improvement as the day went on...  (full report)

16 Aug: Evening ride to Lode
Nigel writes: Tonight was a classic late-summer evening ride, a relaxed jaunt into the hills east of Cambridge. Joining me at Brookside to enjoy the warm, dry weather were Paul, Dimitris, Camille, John, Neil, Tom and Seb...  (full report)

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