Object to the proposed closure of the gate at Foxton Level Crossing

CTC Cambridge strongly supports the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign in objecting to the Network Rail proposal to close this crossing. It is important that this gate remains open for use by cycles and pedestrians.

For full details see this report. Please help us to oppose this closure by registering your objection with Network Rail.

Network Rail are proposing to close the pedestrian and cycle crossing gate at Foxton Station as part of a wider set of crossing closures. This gate is an important link in the new A10 cycle path as a safe and segregated railway crossing for both cycles and pedestrians. There is not enough space on the A10 itself for a segregated cyclepath, so the gate is an essential element in the A10 cycle path. In any objection, please refer to the official Network Rail name for this crossing: "C06-Barrington Road".

Rides in May and June

We're now approaching the longest days of summer, and our May and June rides lists contains our suggestions for how to enjoy them.

The main changes take place on Sundays, where we're offering a mix of rides which we hope will offer something for everyone. Our morning departures (from Brookside at 9am) will roughly alternate between what we're calling light day rides, which stop for morning coffee and lunch before returning back to Cambridge around 4pm, and full day rides which stop for tea as well, aiming to return before 6pm. In addition our afternoon rides depart from Brookside at either 1.30pm or 2pm with a stop for tea.

All our other rides continue as normal. Our hugely-popular rides every Thursday continue with parallel village and city centre starts points but the same coffee and lunch stops. Our evening rides continue every Wednesday. Our senior cyclists' group continues to meet for lunch every Tuesday, and our leisurely Saturday short social rides take place twice a month.

Latest ride reports

23 Jun: Thursday ride to Hare Street and Standon
Edward writes: During last night there was very heavy rainfall, but by the time we all left home to head to Brookside and Haslingfield we only had overcast skies. In fact the outlook didn't look promising and thunderstorms were predicted for later in the day...  (full report)

22 Jun: Evening ride to Thriplow
Nigel writes: It's midsummer this week, and with sunset at 9.25pm we would be enjoying the longest evening of any of our Wednesday evening rides this year. Today had been a warm, humid and cloudy day but although there had been rain earlier we were forecast a dry evening...  (full report)

19 Jun: Sunday ride to St Neots and Willington
Nigel writes: Today was a pleasant, warm, summer's day. The sun only emerged occasionally, but with no rain forecast, and only a light south-westerly breeze, and very comfortable temperatures, it was a fine day for a bike ride...  (full report)

12 Jun: Sunday ride to Newmarket, Hawstead and Fordham
Nigel writes: Today was dull and overcast, with a constant threat of rain that occasionally turned into actual rain. However with pleasantly warm temperatures in prospect we had a good turn out at Brookside...  (full report)

9 Jun: Thursday ride to St Neots and Kimbolton
Edward writes: As the former prime minister didn't say, a week is a long time with the British weather. Most of last week was pretty dreadful, but this week it's been gloriously sunny and hot, if a little humid...  (full report)

For older ride reports visit our blog pages