About us

CTC Cambridge is a local group of Cycling UK, the national cycling charity. For more information about Cycling UK visit cyclinguk.org.

Cycling UK has a long and illustrious history, founded in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club and subsequently re-named the Cyclists' Touring Club and now as Cycling UK.

Our Cambridge group was formed in 1921, and has been assembling for rides at Brookside since 1921. We continue to use the name CTC Cambridge.

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CTC Cambridge 2017-2018

Honorary President: George Rich

Chair: Andy Carlyle
Secretary: John Seton
Treasurer: Mike Culnane
Runs secretary: Rupert Goodings
Registrations and publicity officer: John Jackson
Welfare officer: Peter Wilson
Web officer: Nigel Deakin
Committee members: Julia Hochbach, Tom Howes, Richard Broomfield, Sheila George

Honorary Auditor: Alex Brown