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CTC Cambridge is a local group of CTC, the national cycling charity.

To contact CTC Cambridge, contact the secretary, John Ross. Email: Mobile: 07876 551210 Home: 01954 200101. Email is strongly preferred. See our policy on unsolicited advertising below.

To contact CTC's national office, visit their contact us page or write to CTC, Parklands, Railton Rd, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9JX.

Our rides

For queries about a specific ride, the best person to contact is the leader of that ride. Their phone number is usually given on the rides list. For general questions about our rides, or to volunteer to lead a ride, contact the runs secretary, Rupert Goodings ( or phone 01223 851549). Email is strongly preferred.


The group has a welfare officer whose role is to be accessible to members to help them in addressing issues such as complaints against individuals, the protection of vulnerable adults and children, and issues of discrimination.

The welfare officer is Sharon Jackson. Email:

Publicity and membership

Publicity and membership promotion is coordinated locally by our membership secretary Craig Hirons (

Membership is maintained by CTC nationally. Joining the national organisation automatically makes you a member of your local group. Find out how to join here (this link takes you to the national CTC website).

Queries about individual membership, renewals etc should be addressed to CTC national office, not this local group.

Right to Ride

To contact us about our Right to Ride campaign, see the separate Right to Ride contacts page.

This website

For queries about this website contact the web officer, Nigel Deakin (

See also our corrections and updates page.

Policy on unsolicited advertising

We are always interested in hearing from possible mid-morning, lunch and late-afternoon tea stops in the local countryside around Cambridge. If we decide to visit we'll add a link to our website.

Whilst our members may well be interested in commercial cycling holidays, it isn't the role of CTC Cambridge to get involved in publicising them so please don't sent us adverts. They will just be deleted. Don't ask us to forward adverts for cycling holidays to our members; we won't. And please don't ask us to add links to hotels and tour operators to our links page; we won't.