Our weekly rides programme

CTC Cambridge runs several cycle rides every week throughout the year.

Our rides reflect the seasons and the amount of daylight. In this description, "Summer" means approximately the period of British Summer Time, which is from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October, and "Winter" means the remainder of the year.

This page describes the various types of ride we run. In addition our rides lists give an estimated grade and distance for most rides. The planned distances vary over the year (shorter in winter, longer in summer). The actual distances will also depend on the group and the weather conditions on the day.

For some general information about our rides see About riding with CTC Cambridge.

For a description of our ride grading system see Ride Grading

Saturday morning rides

We have a short ride on Saturday mornings about twice a month except during the winter. These are our shortest and easiest rides and are intended to be suitable for everyone. They start at 10.00am at Brookside and cover about 15-25 miles at a gentle pace, stopping for a refreshments at a cafe along the way. Anyone able to cycle around Cambridge should be fine on these rides. See our guidelines for riders under the age of 18.

Sunday rides

In summer we normally have two rides on a Sunday: an all-day ride and an afternoon ride. Occasionally we add a third ride such as a shorter afternoon ride for more leisurely riders, or a longer all-day ride for the more energetic folk. All these rides usually meet in the afternoon for tea and then return directly to Cambridge.

We sometimes have car-assisted or train-assisted rides. These enable us to venture further afield. These rides are clearly identified in our rides lists together with information on car-sharing or which train we're catching.

In winter we continue on some days with separate Sunday all-day and afternoon rides. However on most Sundays we have a single ride which we describe as Sunday winter ride. These start in the morning with stops for coffee and lunch. They then return to Cambridge before dark.

Sunday all-day rides (during summer and on some winter Sundays)

The Sunday all-day rides start at 9.00am (summer) or 9.30am (winter) at Brookside in Cambridge. These rides last all day, with stops at a cafe for morning coffee (at approx 11.00am) and at a pub or cafe for lunch (at approx 1.00pm) before meeting the afternoon riders during the afternoon for tea.

At lunchtime most riders eat at the specified pub or cafe, but some prefer to bring a packed lunch and eat it nearby.

See below for more information about the afternoon tea stop.

These rides are typically 70-90 miles in the summer and 50-70 miles in the winter but you can have a shorter ride by dropping out (or joining in) at one of the intermediate stops, and many members do just that.

From October to April bring lights for the ride home from tea.

Sunday winter rides (some winter Sundays)

The Sunday winter rides start at 9.30am at Brookside in Cambridge. These rides stop at a cafe for morning coffee (approx 11.00am) and at a pub or cafe for lunch (approx 1.00pm) and these stops are similar to the all-day ride. But after lunch the winter ride heads back to Cambridge with no afternoon tea stop. We aim to get home before dark but please bring lights anyway in case of delays. The rides are typically 50-60 miles.

Several riders usually shorten the winter rides by returning to Cambridge after the coffee stop. This coffee-and-back option is also intended to replace the afternoon ride. There is no official leader for the ride home from coffee, but you if you are a new rider or simply want to be led back from coffee, please check with the leader at the start who can usually arrange for a buddy rider to lead you home after coffee. The coffee-and-back option is typically 25-35 miles and gets back to Cambridge around lunch time.

Sunday afternoon rides (summer and some winter Sundays)

The Sunday afternoon rides start at 2.00pm (summer) and 1.30pm (winter) at Brookside in Cambridge (please check our rides lists for the exact start time). The length of the ride varies from week to week, but as a guide we cover about 40-50 miles in the summer and about 30-40 miles in the winter.

The goal of the ride is the tea stop, after which we ride directly back to Cambridge or wherever we live. Tea is usually at 4.30pm during summer and 3.30pm during winter but it does vary - see the rides list for the exact time. From October to April bring lights for the ride home from tea.

Sunday tea stops

We use a range of different tea stops on Sundays, and the tea times vary to fit in with their opening times. We stop at conveniently located cafes or garden centres all year round, with a preference for local church hall teas in the summer. We also have some prebooked teas at a country pub, where a spread of sandwiches and cakes has been pre-booked and is waiting for us. And best of all are the occasional home teas at the houses of a member where again a prepared tea is waiting. There is a fixed charge of about £4.50 a head for a booked pub tea and £3.00 for a home tea.

Sunday longer all-day rides

Occasionally in the summer we have a second all-day ride which starts earlier and goes further than the normal ride. These rides are faster than our normal all-day rides and they go further afield. These longer rides usually meet the regular all-day ride at coffee or at lunch and again meet with the afternoon ride at tea.

Sunday car-assisted rides

From time to time we organise all-day "car-assisted" rides in which we travel by car to a more distant start point and have a circular ride from there. Contact the ride leader for details and to arrange car-sharing. If you don't have a car we'll try to find space for you.

Tuesday rides (Senior Cyclists' Group)

Our Senior Cyclists' Group meets on Tuesdays. These rides are open to everyone but the pace is gentle. The group meets up informally in smaller groups near Cambridge and we then ride to a country pub for lunch before returning home. We aim to all arrive at the pub around 12:30pm.

The details of the planned lunch stop can be found on the rides lists. If you’d like to meet earlier to ride out with us, or for any other information about the ride, please contact the appointed leader.

If the weather is doubtful, call the leader the previous day (Monday) to find out whether the ride has been changed.

Wednesday evening rides

During the summer months, when the evenings stay light until quite late, we have rides on Wednesday evenings. These usually depart from Brookside at 6.30pm - check the rides list for the exact time. These rides don't have a leader arranged in advance: the riders who turn up will choose a route on the day. There is usually a pub stop towards the end of the ride. These are intended to be daylight rides, but you should bring lights.

Thursday rides

We hold all-day rides on Thursdays, starting a few miles south of Cambridge at either Hauxton or Haslingfield. These depart at 9.30am and are shorter than the Sunday all-day rides, covering about 50-60 miles in the summer and 40-50 miles in the winter. The rides stop for coffee and lunch but do not have a planned tea stop, returning to Cambridge during the afternoon and usually before dark. Lunch is at a pub or cafe though some riders prefer to bring a packed lunch, especially in the warmer summer months.