Stopping place: Great Saling, Andrews Field

This simple cafe is in the same building (indeed the same room) as the control centre of a working airfield, which makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Open every day 8:30am to 9pm
Breakfast until Noon
Lunch until 3pm

Andrewsfield Millibar, Saling Airfield, Stebbing, Great Dunmow, Essex CM6 3TH
Tel: 07923 981900 for bar (airfield: 01371 856744)

Approach from the west along the road. Don't be put off: you can cycle right up to the control centre, but look out and give way to aircraft.

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Great Saling, Andrews Field

We have made 17 visits in the past five years, all for lunch (5 on a Sunday, 12 on a Thursday).

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